California Farmers' Market Finder App Reviews

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Very useful!

Thanks for updating the location issues! We have a ton of markets around us, so this helps a lot.

Bombs on opening

When my iPhone 6 upgraded to the latest iOS, it tries to open the database, and dies, throwing me back to the homepage of my phone. What's up with that?

Sooo informative!!

This app is the greatest app. It's easy to use and accurate. Being in Los Angeles, there are plenty of farmers' markets throughout the week. This makes it simple to remind yourself of a great market or find new ones.


After installing the app go to Filters, then select Clear All locations and then press maps and the app won't open again

Love this app!

This app makes it very easy to find local farmers markets by location, by the time of day, by the day of the week, or by season. My friends and I use it all the time! TIP: If this app crashed when you updated your iOS, just delete and reinstall it, and it should work fine.

Best Market Finder Available!

We have used this app for a while now and it is head and shoulders above any other tool for locating farmer's markets. I like the fact that it can automatically sort markets by day and distance from my current location. Just wish it covered other states for when we travel!

Awesome app when it worked

I really used to love this app. But a couple of updates ago something changed and it crashes before it can even launch. This was the case for iOS 7 and 8.

Please fix this great app!

It's been really useful to me in the past but now crashes all the time. Please fix it!

Used to love this

Now it opens and immediately crashes. I was trying to show it to my husband but it won't open! Argh! UPDATE: October 11: STILL CRASHES ON LAUNCH. This used to be a great app. It needs an update please.

Needs an update

This used to be a great app for finding farmers markets, but now it crashes after simply being open for a few seconds. Please update!

App crashes

Just started crashing

App keeps crashing

App continually crashes upon launch.

App keeps crashing

While the app is quite helpful in providing info on what farmers markets are available in the area on a specific day, the app keeps crashing as of late. It's quite frustrating. Would you please fix? Thank you.


Thank you so much for such a great app


One of the most useful and accurate apps I have!

Delicious App

Fresh produce on your phone. Always seems to work, never has it led me astray. THANKS!


Great update. This is the ONLY app with accurate data!

Great job

I love bring able to locate each market on the day I need one. This app provides dates and times. It would be great to eventually see Certified Organic Markets. I've heard some people sell in farmers markets using produce they purchase from wholesalers. Always ask questions and know where your produce is coming from.

Love this app -- use it weekly!

This app is fantastic. It works great for me and always has. My county has multiple farmers markets daily, and this is a great and up-to-date resource for finding them all. Thanks for such a great app!

USED to be great

This app was great when I first got it, but now it's not functional at all. I mean... Not functional AT ALL. I don't know what happened, but it doesn't do anything at all anymore. They should pull it from the App Store.

Very useful database

This is a great little free app. It has a complete database, efficient filters, and maps and directions. What more could you need? I find a market, map it, and then read reviews on my Yelp app to see if I want to go there. Thank you.

Great app!

Such a great application. I can find markets near me on any day of the week no matter where in California I am!

Information doesn't change much

So I know where my local farmers market is. I don't travel a lot. How useful is this app? Be nice if the markets were rated.

Great app

This is a great app if u want to know where the closes farmers market is then this is the app for u I love it but don't take my word for it see for your self

About time

Been waiting for this a long time. Thank you thank you!

Best kind of app: free and useful!

Lots of info. Well organized. The filters work great. Best of all, it's free!


Great app! Easy to use and correct info!

Love this app!

It's free, includes dozens of markets near me, allows filtering by county and has a built-in user update feature. Great map and day-of-the-week sorting, too. Thanks for a great app!

Not that great

The app is cool, easy to use but they need to fix the bugs, it freezes and takes me out of it, please fix this problem

It's about time!

I found 3 markets in my area. Now I am covered all week!!! Great application!

Missing over half the Bay Area...

I was excited about this until I discovered it's missing the entire East Bay area. Even a bastion of the whole urban farmers market movement like Berkeley is missing. Not to mention Oakland. I'm telling Alice Waters!

Great app!

Great job with this app. And it's free! Thank you for this one.

Tueday farmers market

You have the Sunday Healdsburg market but not the Tuesday market.


Best! Everyone loves farmers market!

A prayer answered

So happy to have a resource to find Real Food! It would be great to have details about what products can be found at each market. E.g. Raw milk, pasture eggs, etc...


wow - this is a dream come true. Love the sort by date so I can see what's going on today. I'm thrilled to get this app.

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